Choosing an Acoustic Guitar

Now that you’ve chosen to start learning how to play the guitar, you must be excited about selecting the guitar for you. Finding the right acoustic guitar for beginners isn’t always the most straightforward task. Many of you might want to jump right in with the $3,000 high-end ones, but I’m telling you that it’s not always the best choice. Starting with a training guitar or even just a decent $500 acoustic guitar is a perfect way to begin your journey.

So, to help you find the best affordable acoustic guitars, here’s a few. Each will contain a guide, offering you everything you need to know before you buy it!

  • Epiphone DR-100

The vintage sunburst-colored acoustic guitar is one of our top choices. Starting with its physical looks, the unique appearance is sure to be a topic of discussion. The rosewood combined with the spruce top and mahogany body produces a bold sound that will guide you through the learning curve in no time.

dreadnought acoustic guitar

The headstock or peghead actually plays a much more important role than many musicians think. The degree of the headstock dramatically affects the tightness of the strings, thus the tone and ease of play. Also, the 14-degree angle of this headstock is perfect for beginners since it offers decent give with smooth chord transitions.

For a starting price at $230, it sounds pretty great, with a deep, clean, and well-balanced tone, allowing beginners to hear themselves clearly. Most of its competitions in the market cost twice as much as this guitar!

  • Yamaha F335

If you want to start out on a full-size guitar but don’t want to break the bank, this recommended acoustic guitar from Yamaha is perfect for you. This is very popular among new guitarists. Although in typical Yamaha fashion, the price is hard to beat, yet it doesn’t seem like a dirt-cheap guitar. For its finish, it has a glossy finish. Regardless of preferences for matte or glossy looks, this type of laminate finish helps strengthen the construction and extend the guitar’s lifespan.

Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha F335 is a traditional dreadnought guitar, 40.5 inches long, and 16.2 inches wide. It consists of a mercantile body with a laminated spruce top. Unlike older ones, it has a mahogany neck, which improves strength and overall quality. It has a 25-inch scale length and 20 frets, 14 of which are accessible. Compared to most cheap acoustics, this model has a slightly narrower neck with a string spacing of 10mm. You’ll love it if you want to try electric guitar in the future or if you simply have small hands.

So, how much does this cost? The Yamaha F335 costs between $150 and $200 depending on the version and the retailer. For this price range, the tone is full and resonant. It will be a good companion if you want to knock out some pop, rock, or blues. 

  • Fender FA-100

There are many body styles for acoustic guitars, with dreadnought the largest. The Fender FA-100’s dreadnought body makes it easier for others to learn since the frets and strings are further apart. Thus, preventing messing up or hitting the wrong chord. This body type also causes the sound projection to be outstanding and will impress a beginner like you.

The neck is made out of a glossy C-shaped maple which is very nice for the hands and also cost-effective. The Fender FA-100 is made of laminated spruce on top and it also features quartersawn X-bracing. And the basswood on the back and sides makes the acoustic sound pleasant and warm to the ears. In addition, it is mainly the reason that keeps the cost down and keeps it beginner-friendly. 

The sound on this acoustic is pretty decent and perfect for beginners. For as low as $100 to $150, you can get this for yourself and start practicing. The overall sound is very crisp, clear, and very pleasant to hear. It has plenty of dynamics which beginners will love.


Once you know what body style, size, design, or even the kit you’re looking for, you might still be a little stuck. There are many options that match many different parameters, which makes it harder for you to choose the right one. With this, we hope these recommended acoustic guitars help you even a little bit. Best of luck on your journey!